Empowering Small Towns with Enterpise Hosting.

Lone Star Data Ranch offers small town businesses enterprise-level hosting. Fast, efficient, secure, and with the charm of local customer service. Elevating your business with top-notch technology and a personal touch.

Customized Solutions for Your Unique Business.

Understanding the uniqueness of each small business, Lone Star Data Ranch crafts hosting solutions tailored to your specific needs. We offer comprehensive assistance in website setup and management, ensuring optimal performance. Our dedicated support team provides personalized care, making us more than just your hosting provider - we're your business partner.

Small Town Business Hosting Services

Lone Star Data Ranch specializes in web hosting for small town businesses. Offering fast, secure solutions, we're committed to elevating your online presence. Get personalized support and robust technology tailored to your business needs.

Optimized for WordPress

Optimized for WordPress, our hosting control panel makes updates easy, even for non-tech users. Enjoy a seamless, user-friendly hosting experience.

Security Focused

Prioritizing security and backups, we ensure each hosting account is containerized for isolation, with hardened servers and tools dedicated to WordPress site protection.

FAST Page Speeds

Optimized for WordPress, our servers deliver faster loading. We'll help with caching configurations for even quicker site speeds.

Our services

Specializing in WordPress hosting, we also provide comprehensive WordPress management and design services to elevate your online presence.

Website and WordPress Hosting

We offer hosting plans, big or small, on Litespeed and NGINX servers optimized for speed and security, tailored to every business need, and optimized for WordPress hosting.
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WordPress Management

Ease your WordPress management with us. We keep your site and plugins up-to-date, safeguarding against hackers and ensuring peak performance.
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WordPress Website Design

Crafting WordPress websites for small businesses, fully responsive on desktop and mobile. Our designs blend style with functionality.
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What sets us apart

We offer a range of hosting options, from shared to dedicated servers, with seamless migrations and zero downtime. With over 25 years in Linux server administration and 15+ years in WordPress hosting, we're more than providers – we're partners. Our services are tailored to meet your unique needs, scaling effortlessly to match your business growth.

Security First Approach

Each website benefits from a containerized, isolated setup, boosting protection. Servers are hardened against threats, with optional fully managed WordPress services to shield your site. Our approach ensures top-tier, comprehensive security at all levels.

Highly Optimized Servers

Experience top-tier performance with our LiteSpeed and NGINX web servers, featuring NVMe and SSD storage for rapid access. We offer REDIS object caching and configure each server for maximum speed and security, ensuring an unparalleled hosting experience.

User accessible Backups

Daily backups of all websites and databases, with 90 day retention. Customers can create on-demand backups and can effortlessly self-restore at any time. This ensures your data's safety and accessibility, giving you peace of mind and control.

Hands On Support

Hands-on Support: We always go the extra mile with 100% US-based assistance for any of your hosting issues. We also offer additional fully managed WordPress services, ensuring your site's optimal performance and security.

Multiple Data Centers

All backups are stored offsite from the origin server, ensuring easy restoration at any of our data centers across Texas, Illinois, Virginia, New York, Florida, California, Utah, and Oregon. We can position your website near your customers.

We Host non-profits for free

If you are a registered 501c(3) non-profit based in the USA we have limited grants available to host your site for free, contact us at [email protected]

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